Digital Signage For Education - Playground & Outdoors

Communicate before, throughout and after the school day

Many visitors your school may come to the door but rarely go inside - parents for example. Having an uninvasive way to communicate with parents everyday saves time and creates a more cohesive school community.

By installing weather proof screens or screens in weather proof enclosures at common drop off points and places where people gather gives you another opportunity to reach out to the school community.

What information can I display in the playground?

Include local interest information

With access to the d|sign Cloud Apps & Feeds, you can combine your school's content with local and national information that is automatically refreshed for you. Information that viewers actively seek out and benefit from encourages greater engagement and more views of the content you have provided.

Feed content includes 5 day Weather forecast for your location from the Met Office, Traffic and Travel including local road incidents, train and bus departures and London Underground status. Local, national and international news from the BBC, Content from your social media profiles (or those of others you choose) such as Twitter.

Showcase student work

What better place to display your students work and achievements than to visitors, parents and students that don't get to see it every day

Highlighting excellence rewards students and inspires attainment. Display with images, videos or simple text acreditations.

Ask us about how you can also use the d|sign Cloud Gally App to allow all staff members to contribute content from any computer or smart device.

Announce Forthcoming Events

Use d|sign to tell visitors and staff about forthcoming events, important dates and even sporting fixtures.

You can do this simply with images and text, or for more control and features use our d|sign Events App, for each event add venue information, images or even wayfinding information. Read more about d|sign Events & Roombooking

Names & Faces

Use the d|sign media areas or d|sign Rosters App to show information about Team members, simply inform visitors about the senior leadership team, or go further and use the Rosters App to schedule information about the daily lunch staff or hall monitor - schedule in advance and it will update every day on it's own.

Points, Targets and Results

Use the d|sign Counters App to maintain and easily update or automatically increment important facts.

Create a leaderboard for your school's house points system, or a countdown to the end of term or start of exams to keep everyone focused and on target.

Enforce School Policy

Use your screen to introduce, remind and engage students, staff and visitors about new, forgotten or ammended school policy. Add visual health and safety information and remind students about your policy on bullying, inclusion and internet usage.

School Reception

Welcome visitors, showcase student work, highlight achievement and promote school values.

Use d|sign-in Visitor Management to record and report visitor details for safety and security.


School Canteen

Display daily or weekly menus, inform on alergy advice and promote healthy eating messages.

Show lunchtime and breaktime messages and news, promote extra curricular activities and clubs.


Staff Room

Keep staff updated on school news and messages they must pass on to students.

Display staff events such as term dates, training days and charity fundraisers.



With weather proof screens or screen enclosures, display your messages to parents and students before, throughout and after the school day.

Weather, traffic and school open status, term dates, excursion travel updates and more.


School Library

Communicate school policy, advertise new texts and resource materials

Display covers of new books, encourage increased library usage, advise on library usage.


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