Digital Signage For the Public Sector

Public services require exceptional information flow

Public sector environments need a strong signage and information focal point. Whether a Library, Police station front office, Job Centre or Benefits Office, the viewing public now expects relevant up to date information as fast as possible.

With digital signage you can control the information on display rather than maintain messy traditional notice boards and highlight the most important information to the desired target audience.

Theme Based

Easy to use themes give your screens an effortless professional look and feel without the need for design or graphics skills.

Easy to Use

Point, Click, Type. Easy to use interface even for basic computer users, yet powerful and function rich for enterprise users.

Flexible & Scalable

Add additional screens as required, simple to scale from 1 screen to 100 or more. Manage screens all at once, in groups or individually.

What's the story?

The possibilities for your content are as many and varied as the audience that will see it. Here are some examples of usage and information you could soon be distributing too.

  • Forthcoming events information
  • Queuing and waiting time information
  • New service and product promotion
  • Advice and service usage messages
  • Vacancy and availability notices
  • Entertainment and Infotainment
  • Public notices and references
  • Service status
d|sign - Exceptionally easy to use digital signage

Where should I install screens?

The types of information you want to display and the people you want to see it will help you make a final decision on the best location to install digital signage screens, but benefits can be found by installing 1 or more screens in any location where people gather or pass by regularly.

These are some locations we regularly see public sector users locate screens to communicate with staff and the general public

  • Libraries
  • Police Stations
  • Sports and Swimming Facilities
  • Town \ County Council Offices
  • Job Centres
  • Citizens Advice
  • Car Parks
  • Community Centres