Digital Signage For Transport

Communicate before, during & after travel

For both internal communications to staff (at terminals, garages & back-office) and public facing areas such as transport hubs, travel shops and actually on board the vehicles themselves.

Digital signage now provides a viable and easily maintained way of informing and marketing to a largely captive audience. This technology can provide extra revenue streams that were not cost effective with static posters and notices.

The passenger transport industry deals with millions of travellers daily and employs many thousands of staff. Keeping them in the picture with fast and up to date information about what is going on makes a vital contribution to customer and staff satisfaction, as well as improving operational standards and efficiency.

Procyon specialises in the design and delivery of digital signage software and systems for the passenger transport sector, with clients including market leaders such as Arriva, Stagecoach and First Group.

Theme Based

Easy to use themes give your screens an effortless professional look and feel without the need for design or graphics skills.

Easy to Use

Point, Click, Type. Easy to use interface even for basic computer users, yet powerful and function rich for enterprise users.

Flexible & Scalable

Add additional screens as required, simple to scale from 1 screen to 100 or more. Manage screens all at once, in groups or individually.

What can I tell people?

The possibilities for your content are as many and varied as the audience that will see it. Here are some examples of usage and information you could soon be distributing too.

  • Route and Journey Schedule information
  • Live arrivals and departures
  • Brand and service promotion
  • Ticket and promotion information
  • Current stop \ next stop on-vehicle information
  • Route based advertising
  • Internal health & safety messages
  • Local destination news and weather
d|sign - Exceptionally easy to use digital signage

Where should I install screens?

The types of information you want to display and the people you want to see it will help you make a final decision on the best location to install digital signage screens, but benefits can be found by installing 1 or more screens in any location where people gather or pass by regularly.

These are some locations we regularly see transport customers use screens to communicate with passengers and staff

  • On bus \ boat \ taxi \ plane
  • Departure \ Arrival gate and bay
  • Hub concourse and thoroughfares
  • Hub restaurant, cafe and retail outlets
  • Maintenance garages and depots
  • Training centres and offices
  • Staff rest areas and canteens
  • Operator data and call centres