About Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a modern and effective communication tool that allows a company or organisation to distribute information in an eye-catching and engaging format. This type of modern digital media changes the way people think, feel, act and decide.

Technology like this is fast becoming the most reliable way for people to find out what's happening in their local area, and more than likely digital signage already plays a part in your everyday life.

How Does d|sign Digital Signage Work?

Display devices such as large LCD screens, projectors and touch screens are deployed in areas frequented by your targeted audience.

These screens are controlled across a computer network with digital signage software, and this software is used to specify and schedule the content that is shown on the screens.

How is digital signage controlled?

Using this system you can control information flow throughout your organisation. The system can be controlled locally, centrally - even worldwide by one or more administration users. Because the signs are dynamic you can specify highly targeted messages to the people you need to see them, you can change them in real time to react to specific events and schedule content to be displayed weeks in advance.

A d|sign system might have 1 or 100 screens, but you can control them all from your existing desktop office computer, scheduling all of them to show different content for the weeks ahead or instantly making them all display a critial message.

What do I Need to get started with digital signage?

d|sign digital signage system works on a standard PC (typical spec P3 / 1Ghz / 20GB HDD / 512MB RAM) and acts as a server. The server does not have to be a dedicated PC and could also host other applications for general day-to-day use. The display screens are controlled by a dedicated PC and acts as a client.

Digital Signage Research - Nielsen 2009

Respondents found digital signage to be more unique (58%), interesting (53%) and entertaining (48%), than other media.

44% of adults say they pay some or a lot of attention to digital signage, placing it ahead of traditional communication tools.

75% of 18 - 34 year olds have seen digital signage in the past 12 months and notice digital signage in seven different locations during their week.

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