Digital Signage For Corporate Users

Improving communication with your visitors, clients and staff

The corporate sector has a large scope for improving communications in many different areas with digital signage, from your customer facing reception and meeting areas to internal information flow, call centre statistics, sales targets and communal areas.

Whether you have a single office or branches all over the world, you can manage your signage and important messages both centrally and locally.

Theme Based

Easy to use themes give your screens an effortless professional look and feel without the need for design or graphics skills.

Easy to Use

Point, Click, Type. Easy to use interface even for basic computer users, yet powerful and function rich for enterprise users.

Flexible & Scalable

Add additional screens as required, simple to scale from 1 screen to 100 or more. Manage screens all at once, in groups or individually.

What's the story?

Digital signage in the workplace is a great replacement for those traditional notice boards and company wide memos. It's easier to manage and keep up to date with fresh content. The messages you could focus on are many and varied, here's a few suggestions:

  • Internal marketing messages
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Visitor welcoming
  • Meeting room usage and booking
  • Call centre and sales target statistics
  • Morale and staff achievement
  • Product information and sales leads
  • Project management information and timelines
d|sign - Exceptionally easy to use digital signage

Where should I install screens?

The types of information you want to display and the people you want to see it will help you make a final decision on the best location to install digital signage screens, but benefits can be found by installing 1 or more screens in any location where people gather or pass by regularly.

These are some locations we regularly see corporate and business users place screens to communicate with staff, clients and visitors

  • Reception and signing in areas
  • Canteens and dining halls
  • Call and Support Centres
  • Car parks and outdoor spaces
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Departments and remote offices
  • Factory, Picking and Production lines
  • Trade shows and events