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Cloud Content and Management Services for Digital Signage

One of the biggest on-going concerns with managing any digital signage system is providing new and interesting content frequently enough to keep viewers coming back to your screens..

d|sign Cloud digital signage helps you solve this problem by providing features that make it easier to source and manage engaging content with d|sign Apps and access to live data and content from external sources such as weather, traffic and news with d|sign feeds. Find out more below...

Appealing content for minimal effort with d|sign Feeds

d|sign feeds provide access to content from third party providers, the complicated and technical process of obtaining and formatting the available information has been done for you - with d|sign digital signage, all you need to do is choose which feeds you want and which screens to display them on.

Several feeds from popular providers are available, with more being added regularly - we are always keen to here suggestions for more feeds, please call us.


Include content from your Twitter feed - or the other Twitter accounts to provide automatically updated content with no extra effort.


Display the local 5 day weather forecast with data supplied by the Met Office.


Inform your viewers of traffic delays and incidents on local roads - automatically updated by the Highways agency

More content design and display options with d|sign Apps

d|sign Apps are a collection of content creation tools that allow you to specify content for your system that is more structured than typically available in a standard digital signage application.

An App may have a general focus that can be used for multiple tasks, or may have been added specifically for your organisation or industry \ sector.

URL Player

Create play lists of web pages that can be displayed at timed intervals.


Create lists of Key \ Value information for use in your digital signage.

RSS Feeds

Create and manage your own RSS feeds for use in d|sign and other applications.


Create lists of people, products, books with images and structured detail.


Create and manage a list of events including image and details.

Bespoke Apps & Feeds for your specific needs

We understand that the communication needs of every industry and organisation are different. Often third party applications, systems and processes are in place within an organisation that collate or create information, and communicating that information would be beneficial.

It is often possible to use the information provided by such systems as additional content in your digital signage - without having to duplicate your input activities. Please call us to discuss a feed or integration with your digital signage.

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