Easy to use digital signage

We, and our clients, believe that d|sign is one of the most easy to use digital signage systems available. Along with the power and functionality available to the user - it's a great choice for organisations large and small.

Easy To Use

No special IT or design skills are needed to operate d|sign. Many of our users have only basic computer skills but provide a stunning signage experience to viewers

Cloud Content

We provide access to internet content such as Weather, Travel and Social Media so you can keep your content fresh and engaging with almost no additional effort.

Unrivalled Content Support

d|sign supports a massive range of image and file types so that you don't have to worry about file conversion and management.

Beautifully Presented

We provide re-usable and bespoke themes for our clients to use, so you don't have to get messy with design and your messages always have the WOW factor.

User Driven Development

We continually work with our users to provide updated and new functionality that will be useful to real users.

Top Tier Support

When you need support, by phone, email or remote desktop - you talk to the developers with the best knowledge, not a reseller or distributor.

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Select a professionally designed stunning theme to reflect your organisation.


Drag, select and type your content, or use our live feeds for "always fresh" content.


Show or schedule your content on one or more displays, it's just 3 easy steps.

With support for over 30 different image formats, you'll be hard pressed to find one that d|sign doesn't like - including those with layers and transparency, so you'll never have to worry about asking for an image in another format, just select it from your computer and away you go.

Video files are supported in a number of popular formats, if you can play it in windows media player - then it should be fine with d|sign. As well as video files, d|sign supports streaming video such as IPTV and live TV with appropriate TV hardware.

You'll usually want to include some messages in your digital signage content and we provide multiple ways to do that, from scrolling areas to the ubiquitous ticker. You can type your messages in, copy from documents and apply formatting too. There are also lots of ways of picking up messages from other sources such as Messages and Twitter.

One of the biggest on-going concerns with managing any digital signage system is providing new and interesting content frequently enough to keep viewers coming back to your screens.

d|sign cloud services help you solve this problem by providing features that make it easier to source and manage engaging content with d|sign Apps and access to live data and content from external sources such as weather, traffic and news with d|sign feeds.

We understand that the communication needs of every industry and organisation are different. Often third party applications, systems and processes are in place within an organisation that collate or create information, and communicating that information would be beneficial.

It is often possible to use the information provided by such systems as additional content in your digital signage - without having to duplicate your input activities. Please call us to discuss a feed or integration with your digital signage.

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