The Benefits of D|Sign Apps

18th June 2015 - 08:42

As a digital signage company, we here at d|sign are committed to providing our customers with innovative ways to manage their systems and produce interesting content that brings people back time and time again.

To this end, we have come up with a series of features and apps that can help you gather external information such as news, traffic and weather reports from other organisations that you can then display on your digital boards.

Keeping your signs updated can be a time-consuming pursuit but with the use of our apps you simply set the system up and let it pull the information in for you, so you can sit back and get on with other tasks safe in the knowledge that your signs are still looking fresh and up to date.

There are many different apps you can make good use of depending on the sort of business you're in. For example, you could show news and headlines from sites like Sky News and the BBC, or display stock prices and travel information.

Alternatively, you could use these apps to help organise your workforce. We have a roster app that allows you to display different work groups and rotas so that everyone knows exactly what they're doing and when at a quick glance.

We also have menu board apps that allow you to create beautiful menus that can be updated and managed in real time - perfect if you're running a busy restaurant or diner and don't have the time to keep rewriting information on a chalkboard.

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