Digital Menu Boards To Feature In New McDonald's Outlet

15th June 2015 - 14:10

Technology is taking centre stage at a new McDonald's restaurant in Glasgow's Silverburn retail centre this month (June 15th), with tablet computers on the tables and digital signage menu boards installed to help people choose what to eat.

According to the Daily Record, customers will also be offered the chance to use self-order kiosks or go up to the counter to place their orders in the traditional manner.

Other restaurants and catering companies may be inspired to make similar use of digital signage boards by this McDonald's move. Having such devices on the premises means it's a lot easier to update the menus and they are a lot more eye-catching as well when compared with a chalkboard where handwriting can be quite tricky to read.

You can either manage a single menu board or hundreds (depending on how many restaurants you have!), simply by logging on and going online. Running a business is particularly time-consuming but by investing in such technological advancements, you can free your time up to better spend it elsewhere.

Not only that, but you'll likely save yourself a lot of money in the long run if you opt for such menu boards rather than paying out large sums to have printed menus on the tables. Each time you want to change something on the menu you'll have to have them printed out again – but with digital signage menu boards you simply update the information in the back end of the system and it shows up immediately on the screen. What could be better?

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